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Mug features
    Smooth surface no smell, after the injection of water, hand-free thermal mug can be regarded as a good cup.
    The inside and outside are stainless steel, refined with advanced vacuum technology, elegant, seamless liner, good sealing performance, with good insulation properties. You can put ice cubes, but also put hot drinks. At the same time, innovative features and details of the design, which is also the new connotation mug and more practical.
    Versatile "multi-cup" has become a popular practice in the new mug. Almost every mug has its own distinctive characteristics, some double-lid design, while driving by clicking the red button in the middle, the water will flow out automatically, without splashing in the car; some in middle compartment with tea mug design design can be quickly filter tea with tea, ideal for the small white-collar office use; there is the dual cup design, the bottom lid and trays of tea, sugar, coffee and other concealed, but stainless steel double-produced vacuum the interior, not only can bloom water, ice, etc. may also be in full bloom, and some also have a cup stew functions, functions with minimal mug also have at least two or more functions, and most feature mug with four to five functions, whether it is travel or home use are very convenient.

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