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Mug of shopping tips
    On the market many varieties of stainless steel mug, the price difference is also great, on the part of consumers, they do not understand the principle, often paid for buy desirable products. How to buy a high quality vacuum insulation Cup it?
    First look at the appearance of the cup. A look outside the gall bladder and the surface finish is uniform, whether there are bumps and scratches flaws;
    Second, look at the mouth welding is smooth consistent feel this relationship when a drink is comfortable;
    Third, look at the poor quality of plastic parts. It will not only affect life, but also affect water sanitation;
    Four to see the inner seal is tight. Are plugs and the cup with the right. Screwed spin out whether freely leaks. Full glass of water upside down four or five minutes or a few thrown hard to verify for leaks. Look insulation performance, which is the main technical indicators mug. Usually when the purchase is not possible in accordance with the standard examination, but can be filled with hot water by hand to check, not insulated hot cup mount two minutes after the lower part of the cup may have a fever, while holding the lower part of the cup is always cool.
    There are several specific following methods:
    1, vacuum insulation performance simple identification method: Pour boiling water will tighten in the clockwise mug cork lid for 2-3 minutes or touch the surface of the cup around them by hand, if there is a significant body warm cup phenomenon, product description has lost vacuum, can not achieve good insulation effect.
    2, the sealing performance recognition method: in the cup, add water, press the stopper clockwise and tighten the lid, the cup flat on the table, should be anhydrous leakage; lid and cup of screwing should be flexible, there is no gap .
    3, plastic parts identification method: the new food-grade plastic smell is characterized by small, bright surface, no glitches, long life and aging. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is characterized by the smell of large, color gray, glitches and more easily broken plastic easy to aging.
    4, the capacity of simple identification method: the depth and height of the tank shell basically the same (difference 16-18MM) capacity consistent with the nominal value. Some poor quality mug in the cup add sand, cement blocks to compensate for the lack of weight. Myth: cup (pot) heavier it is not necessarily good.
    5, stainless steel simple identification method: Stainless steel material specifications, many of them represented here 18/8 stainless steel composition containing 18% chromium, containing 8% nickel, to achieve this standard material, in line with national standards of green food-grade products, rust and corrosion. Ordinary stainless steel cup color rendering white and dark will produce rust if placed in a concentration of 1% saline soak for 24 hours, it contains some elements of overweight, direct harm to human health.

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