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About Us
WuYi XinTian Hardware Products Co.,Ltd
ADD: Jinyanshan Industry Estate,Quanxi Town.Wuyi,Zhejiang.China.
Post Code: 321200
TEL: 0086-579-87847797
FAX: 0086-579-87847800
E-mail: cup@angsong.com
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      Our company combines development,design, production and sale as a whole, it possesses strong technical for-ce and advanced production technique. Our products from simple coffee mug expand to various travel mugs , beer mug, beer mug, coffee pots, climbing mug, kettles, canisters , ice barrels , ashtray, ash-bin, kitchen tools, and so on in the daily products.
      Our designers with at least three years experience can develop new design based on your sample or drawing e-ven just idea.And we work hard to collect almost all existing designs in our business area.
      Our in-house QC team is composed of engneers, technicians and trained inspectors. All of them underwent strict tranings conducted by our company. Quality control is divided into 4 steps:raw material selection,raw material inspe-ction, inspection of goods in semi-flnished stage and inspection of finished goods.
      Our raw material and spere parts mainly imported from japan, Korea, USA.
      Our strict quality control ensures the best service and quality, our aim is to make client 100% satisfled. We supp-ly complete and good service to buyers, form sample confirmation, booking conflrmation, contract signing, produc-tion to booking shipment , exporting document preparation , and goods inspection . Our goal is to let client set his heart at rest, and we will ensure the quality and amount to send goods.
We offer OEM/ODM service according to cloents’ special. Mass production can be conducted in a short time.
      Our own factory locates in 60,000 square metres. It has 5 product lines and our monthly production ability is 400 ,000pcs to500,000pcs . We have about 298 workers and 30 QC . We also have 5 to 9 designers who have at least 5 years' experience.
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